Feature requests

Have a feature that you'd like us to implement in Zion Builder? Here you can add your own features and vote for the features you're missing.

  1. Integrate dynamic data with ACPT plugin

    ACPT plugin is a new alternative to ACF for creating custom posts and fields in wordpress. Please integrate zionbuilder dynamic content source options so data entered into ACPT fields can be used withing zionbuilder. https://acpt.io/

    simon m
    #Improvement šŸ‘#Integrations šŸ”—


  2. Frequent Zion Plugin Updates

    I know this sounds ridiculous to submit an idea requesting frequent Zion plugin updates. But hey, since we havent seen frequent updates over last one year, taking a chance by garnering more upvotes from community and letting Zion Team know how important regular updates and bug fixes are for us. Cheers !!!

    #Improvement šŸ‘#Deal Breaker šŸ’”#Misc šŸ¤·


  3. Add dynamic controls for video element

    I'm building out page templates that utilise custom fields, and would like to have a video as a standard object for this template. Right now, users have to simply stick the video into the Gutenberg editor, so control over layout is minimal. This would help anyone who needs to place video in a Zion template

    Kelsey B
    #Improvement šŸ‘#Styling šŸŽØ#PRO


  4. Complete Integration with Polylang

    Currently, with Polylang, I can only translate the content. When I want to translate the header and footer, it is unusable. Because of this, I had to build that with Bricks(as they support Polylang better), which has already been done recently. The workaround that someone else suggested is so inconvenient to work. Please work out a complete integration with Polylang. It is crucial.

    #Improvement šŸ‘#Integrations šŸ”—


  5. Display Conditions Based on Dynamic Content / ACF, Metabox (IE Oxygen)

    This is a must for dynamic websites, and i use it on all my client websites If Zion is ever going to be a robust client tool - it needs these features. Look at how it is done in Oxygen (IE fuelled by ACF and Metabox fields ) https://oxygenbuilder.com/documentation/other/conditions/#:~:text=Conditions%20allow%20you%20selectively%20display,false%2C%20the%20element%20is%20hidden.

    Dan W


  6. Create a basic theme specific for Zion Builder

    It is better to have a basic theme built for Zion Builder just like hello elementor theme for elementor plugin. This way we don't load any bloat into the website from others theme. Thanks

    #Improvement šŸ‘


  7. Woocommerce improvements

    I know thay some of them are in your roadmap, but I really need these to have full functional eshop sites: widgets: Cart Total Product Categories Mini Cart or/and off-canvas cart or / and menu cart Recent Viewed Products Product Quick View Pages Checkout page builder Cart page builder Account page builder Thank you page builder

    Balasa Sorin Stefan
    #Improvement šŸ‘#Integrations šŸ”—


  8. Support for PODS

    Add support for Pods, the only open source ACF and meta box alternative. Completely free, and allows for gallery of images, unlike ACF or Metabox free versions.

    Maxime D
    #Integrations šŸ”—


  9. Add Figma files for the Library design blocks

    "I want to present my clients the Figma files first, so it would be great if you add those aswell"

    Nicola Mihaita


  10. WP CLI Support

    It would be great to have WP CLI Support to able to : ā€¢ install and activate license ā€¢ flush cache, regenerate CSS ā€¢ any other necessary features or essential settings that are helpful Management through WPCli is essential for sysadmins and devops who manage hundreds of sites. Also makes migration and go live deployments a breeze. Many thanks

    #Improvement šŸ‘#Integrations šŸ”—


  11. One central Panel to handle all Global styles for the site.

    It would be nice to have one central panel where we could set default sizes, line-heights, and colors for paragraphs, links, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. Also enable to set default color to the body background and buttons.

    #Improvement šŸ‘#Styling šŸŽØ


  12. Add IDs & Classes when necessary

    This will make HTML outputs cleaner. Not necessary to show IDs when we style everything using a class.

    #Improvement šŸ‘#Styling šŸŽØ


  13. Better communication / Update regularly

    There haven't been updates for three months, in the discord channel the developer keeps saying he needs time for an under the hood update/rewrite for plugin API without new features and can't give any ETA (that was beginning of june). And the last answer when the lack of updates got pointed out was "I know šŸ„ŗ" from the dev yesterday in discord... It's beyond frustrating to see how paying customers are left in the dark about the future of this builder, even though we backed you without any promise if you could pull it off. With this reputation I am beyond hesitant to use the builder in bigger projects or even my personal webpage, maybe even in the future as the lack of communication is just so off putting. You can assure us as often as you want that you will keep going forward with the project as is, but something is very off behind the scenes and it shows in the silence and empty promises of the maintainers.

    #PRO#Deal Breaker šŸ’”#Misc šŸ¤·


  14. Special characters of classes like :{@~ for CSS framework / engine

    Recently i fell in love with a CSS engine: https://css.master.co/ They handle the style for something like: class="bg:indigo bg:indigo-54:hover bg:indigo-58:active" class="{block;width:fit;text:center;font:24;font:blue/.5}>li:[email protected]" class="bb:0:last bg:fade-94:even bb:1|solid|fade-88" it is surprisingly good tbh and easy to use. it uses a lot of special characters, i have no problem using it on elementor, oxygen, bricks, gutenberg....but zion. if it possible to not limit the character use on zion?

    Glass C
    #Improvement šŸ‘#Styling šŸŽØ#Misc šŸ¤·


  15. "Store image locally or use from Zion server" in Zion Builder library import.

    This option will be very handy for test purposes. Sometimes i just upload templates to see how it is designed. and later i've to delete all images which is downloaded in my media library. i know this is not a dealbreaker. But it will be an interesting Feature.

    #Improvement šŸ‘