Feature requests

Have a feature that you'd like us to implement in Zion Builder? Here you can add your own features and vote for the features you're missing.

  1. Create a basic theme specific for Zion Builder

    It is better to have a basic theme built for Zion Builder just like hello elementor theme for elementor plugin. This way we don't load any bloat into the website from others theme. Thanks

    #Improvement 👍


  2. Woocommerce improvements

    I know thay some of them are in your roadmap, but I really need these to have full functional eshop sites: widgets: Cart Total Product Categories Mini Cart or/and off-canvas cart or / and menu cart Recent Viewed Products Product Quick View Pages Checkout page builder Cart page builder Account page builder Thank you page builder

    Balasa Sorin Stefan
    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗


  3. Built-in Form Builder / Form Element

    Please consider building the form element so we can easily create a form with the same style. We do not depend on any third-party plugins. Thank you

    Sulham S


  4. Form builder

    Many page builders (such as Themeum WP Page Builder which I am coming from) come with a ready-to-use form builder. I'd love to see such a feature in ZionBuilder so you don't need third-party plug-ins that impact your site's speed.

    Tobias W
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  5. Advanced query builder Like Oxygen builder

    Advanced query builder same like oxygen builder Thanks

    kane w
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  6. Mobile Menu and Off Canvas Menu & Header Row/Header Builder with Shrink functionality

    In Order to have better Menu options, I would like to have a Mobile Menu with different modification Options and an Off-Canvas Menu like the Blocksy. It also would be good to have a Header Row/Header Builder with Shrink finctionality.

    Balasa Sorin Stefan
    #Improvement 👍


  7. Dynamic Data Insertion in Text Field for Multiple Words in a single Sentence

    Insertion of Dynamic data in multiple words in a single sentence is a basic feature that should exist. Here is an example you can find. https://www.facebook.com/groups/zionbuildercommunity/posts/507058717385932/ This benefits every power user who uses dynamic website. Thank you

    #Improvement 👍


  8. Develop an in-house theme specially for Zion Builder

    Instead of doing these setting in Blocksy, I'd love to do this preset styling in Zion Builder more over Blocksy. To preset: Typography(set for all breakpoints) Page Layout Width Container preset padding/margin Buttons(we can preset the style for buttons) and many things else... In Blocksy, there are only 3 breakpoints to set. I'm not keen to do all these by leaving the site builder. The best solution is to have a theme developed by Zion's team, and the theme for Zion Builder. So we can set everything in Zion's Builder. Regards, Jornes

    Jornes S
    #Improvement 👍#Styling 🎨


  9. Child license generator in our Zion account

    Please implement possibility to generate separate licenses (child licenses) under our master license.

    #Improvement 👍#Misc 🤷


  10. Need Woocomerce Builder more powerful then Elementor

    we want to customize -checkout page -added items in the cart -My Account.

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  11. Ajax Search in Zion Builder

    Please add "Ajax Search Setting" with dedicated option in Dashboard. We need Features like below: How to show Ajax search result. -with/without featured image -with/without content/excerpt 2) include/Exclude Post or Pages 3) press enter to open 1st result of search. (with this, we don't need to click on below showed result.)

    #Improvement 👍#PRO


  12. Deep Meta Box Integration

    Add deep meta box integration

    Nicola Mihaita


  13. Add Lottie element (Animation)

    Lottie file size is small yet beautiful animation, please consider to add it in your library, thank you!

    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗


  14. Accessibility improvements for WCAG and ADA Compliance

    Make elements, and in particular nav elements, WCAG and ADA compliant. Very important to avoid lawsuits risk, on serious production websites. As well as, of course, letting all users navigate our websites easily.

    Maxime D
    #Improvement 👍#Deal Breaker 💔


  15. Export website in html

    It will be great if we export my complete website in static html file.

    #Styling 🎨#Integrations 🔗#Misc 🤷